JIKAN Designとはそんなクリエイターの集まる映像デザインスタジオです。


Through drawing a white line across a black screen,
we unleash the power of “imagination” resembling the light piercing the darkness.
Through a plethora of still images, “creativity” gives rise to new times and stories.

That genuine and primitive power of creation gathers, reacts, and swells.
In the viewer, something uplifting is born!

What we aspire to, Born from our experiences, passions,
trials and tribulations, Is a creation that is timeless.

We would like to offer viewers a meaningful time.
We would like to spend quality time with the people we meet through our works.
We would like to pack our days with these kinds of fulfilling times…

JIKAN Design is a visual design studio dedicated to bringing such creators together.


有限会社JIKAN Design(ジカンデザイン)
〒550-0003 大阪市西区京町堀1-7-11 キューアス京町堀ビル6F
TEL : 06-6480-7038 / FAX : 06-6447-9877 / EMAIL : hello@jikan.tv
スタッフ : 10名

地下鉄四ツ橋線 【肥後橋駅】 7番出口より南へ徒歩5分
地下鉄四ツ橋線 【本町駅】  28番出口より北へ徒歩5分
地下鉄御堂筋線 【淀屋橋駅】 13番出口より西へ徒歩5分






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