E.O.2(Expanded Optics 2) +E.T.9

Tue Nov 28, 2023 – Sun Dec 3, 2023 @JIKAN<space>

Screenings of works by notable international artists and Japanese artists on the theme of sensory expansion.
This event is official event of the 6th edition of The Wrong Biennale, the world’s largest digital art biennale, which will run from November 1 through March 2024. (The Wrong Biennale : https://thewrong.org/)
An audiovisual live event, E.T. (Electric Treatment) vol.9, will also be held during the exhibition.

“Title unknown” by MSHR / “First Contact” by Alexander Dupuis
“Utopia 03” by Dirk Koy / “Mountain Fragility” by Arnaud Laffond
“Brunnen” by Nicolas Gebbe / “HYSTERESIS” by Robert Seidel

Curved Memories

“Expressions” by Kenichi Yoneda (kynd),Yu Miyashita / “Luminous Oscillation” by Shusaku Kaji
“Aruki Aruki” by Mototanaka / “Curved Memories” by Fumiya Kamachi


MSHR is an art collective that builds and explores sculptural electronic systems. Their practice is a self-transforming entity with its outputs patched into its inputs, expressing its form through interactive installations, virtual environments and live improvisations. MSHR was established in 2011 in Portland, Oregon by Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper. Their name is a modular acronym, designed to hold varied ideas over time.

Alexander Dupuis (US)
Alexander Dupuis is an animator, musician, and artist based in Chicago. His short films and performances explore surreal and fantastical worlds, drawing on science fiction cartoons, op art, experimental film, and the psychedelic inclinations of machine learning.

Dirk Koy (CHE)
Dirk Koy is artist and filmmaker. He digitally manipulates photographs and video recordings of places, objects and living beings. His interest centres on the encounter and transition between the natural and the digital environment and he is in search of the painterly component in the digital context. His works have been shown at the Art Center Nabi in Seoul, at the HEK (Haus der elektronischen Künste) Basel, at the festival Supernova in Denver or at the FILE Festival in São Paulo. He was awarded prizes such as the Prix Ars Electronica (2012), the Visual Music Awards (2015), the Basel Media Art Prize (2019) and the Prix du film «Off-Limits» (Annecy, 2022) for his animations and videos.

photographer: Julian Salinas

Arnaud Laffond  (FR)
Arnaud Laffond is a videographer, plastic digitalization workshop based in Lyon. His work is characterized by the creation of virtual environments and computer-generated materials. The color, as the material brute, is numerically sculptured, treated and altered to be reborn in vibrating and bright architecture. His works are situated on the verge of science fiction, halfway between abstraction and the representationalism , utopia and dystopia, architecture and landscape. He works with diverse aspects of video, such as installation, animated gif and impression.

Nicolas Gebbe (DEU)
Nicolas Gebbe was born in London in 1986.Hecurrentlylives and works in Frankfurt am Main / Germanyas a 3D artist, filmmaker and sound designer.2018 he receiveshisart diploma at Hochschule fürGestaltung Offenbachwitha film major.He focuses on experimental 3D animationandhybrid filmformats.Hisanimated short films have been screened on a variety of festivals such as Locarno Film Festival,Festival du Nouveau Cinèma Montreal and Ann Arbor Film Festival.In 2022 his hybrid project “TheSunset Special” wins the “Hessischer Filmpreis” and his VR Short “Lockdown Dreamscape VR” wins theVR storytelling award at LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International.

Robert Seidel (DEU)
Robert Seidel (*1977) began his studies in biology before transferring to the Bauhaus University Weimar tocomplete his degree in media design. His projections, installations and experimental films have been shown innumerous international festivals, as well as at galleries and museums such as the Palais des Beaux-Arts Lille,ZKM Karlsruhe, Art Center Nabi Seoul, Young Projects Los Angeles, Museum of Image and Sound SãoPaulo and MOCA Taipei. His works have been honoured with various prizes, including theKunstFilmBiennale Honorary Award and the Visual Music Award Frankfurt.

Kenichi Yoneda (kynd) / Yu Miyashita (JP)

Kenichi Yoneda (kynd)
After especialising in traditional oil painting, kynd currently explores the boundaries between computer algorithms, handcrafted aesthetics, and physical phenomena.

Yu Miyashita
Berlin-based Yu Miyashita, a multifaceted Japanese artist, dons various hats in the world of music – from composer and sound designer to mixing and mastering engineer, and from live performer to DJ. Also recognized by his alias, Yaporigami, Miyashita’s musical prowess extends beyond the stage, breathing life into films, commercials, fashion shows, installations, and theaters. With a reputation that resonates internationally, Miyashita has showcased his talent on prominent labels like Germany’s Mille Plateaux, America’s Detroit Underground, Spain’s Analogical Force, and Japan’s Virgin Babylon Records. His distinctive music videos – such as SyncBody, Mimic, The Motion Paradox, and Lilium – have not just graced screens but have been nominated and celebrated at film festivals globally.

Mototanaka (JP)
Belongs to the video design studio JIKAN Design.
This unit was created after the screening of their work at “Namba One Vision,” a large LED vision at Namba Station on the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line.

Fumiya Kamachi (JP)
Born in 1998. Graduated from Kyoto University of Arts, Department of Information Design. While a university student, he was attracted by the freedom of CG expression and continued to work in graphics and video production, focusing on 3DCG.

Shusaku Kaji (JP)

Audio-visual artist based in Osaka , Japan.
He creating abstract image / sound works using an electrical signal and synth effector gadgets. He mainly expresses the primitive and fundamental beauty of natural phenomena and substance in an abstract electric way. His works have been selected for international film festivals such as EMAF, LIAF,MonstoraFestival and Punto y Raya, and screened at art venues such as the Centre Georges Pompidou and the Malta National Arts Centre. He is also the president of JIKAN Design Inc, a motion graphics design studio.

E.T. (Electric Treatment) vol.9

On Saturday, December 2, an audiovisual live show will be held in conjunction with the screening and exhibition of video works.

Date : Sat Dec 2 2023, open17:00 start18:00

Live Artists

Sigeki IEGUTI https://www.shigekiieguti.com/ 

Keyboardist and sound producer for PARA, EP-4 [ fn.ψ ], Kruispunt, etc. Started his musical career in the 90’s as a member of the heavy psychedelic rock band Hanadensha and DRILLMAN. In the 2000s, he began producing sounds in parallel with his solo activities. He has been collaborating with many musicians in Japan and abroad, mainly in improvisational performances, using electronic techniques that make extensive use of synths, PCs, effectors, and other electrical devices.
In recent years, he has also worked as the director of φonon, a label organized by EP-4 Kaoru Sato, and coordinated the release of Seiichi Yamamoto’s “Cafe Brain” and mastered other projects. 2021: Marron-IEGUTI Ambient Duo “NEWDAY” featuring the voice of YoshimiO In 2023, he released the second album after 8 years, “Steganos-grad” by Kruispunt, a synthesizer trio he co-hosts with Enitokwa and Mayuko. Steganos-grafia” was released.

Suiteru https://www.instagram.com/_suiteru/

Creates real-time audiovisual works using Puredata/Gem and Elektron drum machine/synthesizer. Started posting on Instagram in 2021. Invited participation in the projection mapping festival Digital Graffiti (USA), collaboration with Maison kitsuné (France), etc. Based in Kyoto.

KIYOSHI IZUMI https://twitter.com/SpiceCurrySOMA

A multi-artist who freely remixes paintings, sculptures, computer graphics, video images, and sounds to create works based on the five senses found in everyday life, he made his solo debut in 1997 with Richard D. James’ (Aphex Twin) Reflex label. He has contributed songs to many compilations and remixed for artists such as Nobukazu Takemura and OOIOO. Participated in sound performances by Takehisa Kosugi and live performances and recordings by the Boredoms. Also presents food and manages a gallery based in “SOMA” in Nakatsu, Osaka.

Shinjimasuko https://twitter.com/DMBQ_info

Guitarist/vocalist for the leading Japanese psychedelic rock band “DMBQ”. In “Boredoms,” he is not only a guitarist, but also produces and operates a special multi-stringed instrument, the sevener, produces tracks, builds systems, and arranges and conducts a 16-member guitar orchestra organized for the Boredoms’ performances.His solo work “Woven Music” was released on the prestigious Jagjaguwar/Brah label in the U.S., and was covered by Pitchfork, The Phoenix, New York Taper, New York Times, and many other media, and his unique sound world was highly acclaimed.He also participated in the “Benefit for TheRecovery Japan,” an earthquake relief project from Chicago’s Thrill Jockey, and is credited not only as a songwriter but also as an advisory staff member. He continues his activities that cannot be contained solely as an artist.

E.O.2 (Expanded Optics vol.2)
Duration : Tue Nov 28, 2023 – Sun Dec 3, 2023 13:00 – 21:00 (Last day until 6:00 p.m.)
Venue : JIKAN <space> (JIKAN Design, 6F Q-us Kyomachibori Building, 1-7-11 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka City)
Admission of screening exhibition : free

E.T.9 (Electric Treatment vol.9) Sat Dec 2, 2023 open17:00, start18:00
Venue : JIKAN <space> (JIKAN Design, 6F Q-us Kyomachibori Building, 1-7-11 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka City)
Admission Fee : adv 2000 yen / door 2500 yen
If you would like to purchase in advance, please click here to make a reservation using the reservation form.
Contact : 06-6480-7038 (JIKAN Design Representative)
Organizer : JIKAN Design Inc.
Collaborators of E.T.9 : Kiyoshi Izumi (SOMA) and Shinji Masuko
URL : http://www.jikan.tv/eo2-en/